Our Team

Our Team

GOOD EARTH TOURS IS A VISION of its founding principals,  Narry Ernest and Ndashy Munuo. They believe that living by their values is the key to their success. They both believe in collaboration with their employees, customers, partners and the communities they live in for the benefit of all. This is reflected in the quality of the employees they have attracted in Tanzania, the USA and Canada, as well as the many satisfied guests who have traveled with Good Earth Tours since it began its operations.

Narry Ernest :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

Narry Ernest


Co-founder of Good Earth Tours, Narry was born and raised in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Narry began working as a porter/assistant guide to support his high school education. Later on, he worked as a tour organizer for one of the most well-established tour companies in Tanzania at the time. In 1995, Narry co-founded Good Earth Tours Company. Having trekked Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and traveled on safari many times, he brings his extensive experience and leadership capabilities to the company.

Narry holds a BSc Civil Engineering (Hons) from University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania (Class of 1999).

Ndashy :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

Ndashy Munuo


Co-founder of Good Earth Tours, Ndashy worked as a tour consultant and safari organizer in one of the biggest safari companies in East Africa for some 10 years. He gained first-hand knowledge of all the essential operational and logistical requirements needed to support client needs through his many years of experience in the field

Ndashy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law & Certificates in Tourism Management.

Baraka Maro :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

Baraka A. Maro

Born and raised in Morogoro, Tanzania, Baraka started his professional career as a commercial pilot in East Africa. He left the aviation industry to pursue further education. While in school, he joined Good Earth Tours as a safari consultant. His aviation background and business skills proved to be pivotal in helping guests with the planning of a perfect and memorable safari.

Baraka holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Concordia University College of Alberta.

Central to the success of Good Earth Tours are our safari driver/guides. We employ highly-qualified, knowledgeable and experienced personnel who have a love of and passion for sharing Africa’s wildlife, its people and culture with guests – such as yourself – who are wanting to experience the perfect African safari.

We look forward to putting our team to work for you, be it on a dream safari or a once in a lifetime climb!

Good Earth Tours …the Perfect African Adventure with YOU in Mind!