Our Community

Investing in OUR Future

Tree planting at Olkereyani Primary School :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

GOOD EARTH TOURS BELIEVES IN GIVING BACK to the communities that share their homeland with us by investing in their future through providing scholarships, books and supplies to local children, and financial support to various environmental groups.

Good Earth donated 1,000 trees to Olkereyani Primary School in Arusha for planting in the school compound. 200 of these trees were planted with students on the first day. Our goal is to sponsor 1,000 trees to schools as an annual event.

We believe this benefits both the community and environment. It is a great way to teach young kids about the importance of trees to the atmosphere, and gives them the skills to plant them.

Tree planting at Olkereyani Primary School :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

Toilet project after renovation :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

Good Earth Tours also constructed new toilets for the students and teachers of Ngaruma Primary School in Uru, Kilimanjaro region. Along with three of our clients: Katrina P, Gerald K and Olli M, we joined forces to finance the construction of the new toilets along with parents, teachers, students and other Good Earth Tours staff. Together we prepared the materials, designed and constructed eight running flushing toilets. Previously the school was using pit latrines constructed 30 years ago.

Many thanks to our clients for making this project possible!

Toilet project after renovation :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

TeachersNE-NPS-07M-580x303 Narry Ernest (middle) discussing the next project by Good Earth to renovate the school’s kitchen with teachers Temba and Wazaeli at Ngaruma Primary School

GOOD EARTH TOURS IS COMMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE TOURISM. Our company is dedicated to the sustainability of the natural environment and well-being of the people of Africa. In our effort to operate an eco-friendly business, we partner with several local schools and conservation organizations in Africa to help promote conservation, environmental awareness and community involvement in a way that is fun and educational.

When you travel with Good Earth Tours, not only are you choosing an eco-friendly holiday, you are also making a contribution to the sustainable development of the countries you visit.

What Can You Do to Support Eco-Tourism When You Travel?
  • Purchase locally made products instead of imported ones.
  • Respect the local cultures and traditions.
  • Do not purchase souvenirs made of endangered indigenous wood, or souvenirs that encourage the destruction of natural habitat, eg: coral, large sea shells or living animals.
  • Do not remove any natural objects like plants or shells from their habitat.
  • Do not harass wildlife… this disrupts their natural behavioral patterns and could result in you being harmed.
  • Do not litter… take any trash that is generated back with you.
  • Use water sparingly… it is scarce resource.

People & Culture

African woman singing :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris
Maasai youth :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris
African woman carrying sticks :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

FROM RIGHT OF PASSAGE to everyday living, a journey with Good Earth will bring you in contact with a variety of peoples each with their own unique and traditional cultures. The language that binds them together is Kiswahili or Swahili. While there are many tribal languages, Swahili is the main language in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Traditions run deep and Good Earth is sure you will enjoy experiencing all that Africa has to offer.

Conservation Initiatives

We choose ELEPHANTS over ivory :: Good Earth Tours & Safaris

GOOD EARTH TOURS is pleased to announce that we are formalizing partnerships with organizations of a like mind and purpose. In this instance… the conservation of African wildlife and their habitats.

We are close to finalizing an agreement with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), which holds great promise for ourselves, in partnership with AWF, to make a difference on a variety of fronts. Good Earth Tours will provide details on this partnership once we are ready.

Arte for ElephantsAnother partnership we are excited about is one with Arte for Elephants (AFE). Our commitment to AFE and this organization’s goals… to make a difference with respect to elephants in Africa and beyond, via the sale of works of art to save elephants …will do a great deal to ensure a bright future for elephants.

Elephants are intelligent, emotional and family oriented… they are also facing exploitation and extinction throughout the world. AFE generates funds for existing charities through the sale of original artwork by professional and non-professional artists. You, as an existing or prospective client of Good Earth Tours, can feel good knowing that a substantial portion of every sale goes to support one of the AFE partner charities.

Both of these partnerships are aligned with our vision and mission as outlined in the Good Earth Ecosystem. We trust you will agree.

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